Zero response from customer support?


I ordered up a month’s supply about a month ago. I recently moved in with a friend. So, I have a new address. I have been trying to contact Soylent customer service to update the shipping address for about 2 weeks now and haven’t heard a peep out of them.

What’s going on?

Aren’t these guys a funded startup? Shouldn’t they have basic customer support squared away? I’m pretty close to chalking this up and initiating a chargeback. If anyone from Soylent monitors these message boards, please contact me.



Hey Chris,

Apologies for the terrible response time you have experienced, we’ve increased the size of our customer support team 3x in the past weeks in order to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.

Since your order won’t be shipping for 10-12 weeks after the order date, there’s plenty of time to get your address changed. Please follow up on your latest email to with your new shipping address and we’ll get it updated.


Thanks Julio. Email sent.


Hi Julio,

It seems like you answered @rccola question, so hopefully this isn’t an unwelcome additional question to the thread, but I also ordered about a month ago and selected the “Ship to address other than billing address option” (or whatever the phrasing of that option was) and was told I’d get an email to set up the shipping address, but I have not. I figure it’s in a queue somewhere and wasn’t planning on following up until closer to the expected shipping date, but I saw a chance to ask here: How long before expected shipping should I expect to hear or need to follow up about my other than billing address?

Thanks, rock and roll guys,



Sorry about the lack of communication, @gambit! We plan to be completely migrated to our new subscription platform by early next week, at which point we will be able to start requesting shipping addresses from subscribers who have different billing/shipping addresses. We’ll contact you in the next 2 weeks or so.

Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread

Any responses being sent out regarding refunds to Canadians that were not notified of the massive delay in shipping not listed on your order page? I’m fine with 10-12 weeks, but having to read the forums for 2 hours to find out the actual shipping timeframe of 2015 was a massive slap in the face.

Are you still taking international orders without notifying people of the true lead times?


@JulioMiles - I sent an e-mail requesting an order cancellation over a week ago. I haven’t heard anything back. Can someone please look into this?


Hmm, we shouldn’t be accepting any international orders at this time, I’m not sure why you were able to place one. Did you get a subscription or a one-time order? Very sorry about the inconvenience, I’ll get you refunded ASAP – please PM me the email address you used to place an order (click my avatar and then click Private Message).

Just refunded your main order, for some reason Backerkit isn’t letting me refund your starter kit add-on, waiting for a response from their support team about it.


The fact that you did not know international orders are going through is a huge issue. It’s not just Canadians. All international orders are open on the subscription page. How many disappointed customers do you plan on having? Customer support never responded to any e-mails about the issue either. I will pm you ASAP.
In the mean time check my post history for other annoyed international buyers.


Exactly. I am trying to get a refund for my order/subscription for Austria, but support did not respond for over a week now.


No worries :slight_smile: I trust ya or I wouldn’t have ordered in the first place. I’ll still look forward to getting an order in towards the end of the year but for now I’m stocked up on around 100-120 days of DIY ingredients and happy to give up my space in line for someone who’s waiting to try Soylent of any kind :slight_smile:


I’m another Canadian who ended up in a similar situation. My order was probably allowed as I was an original backer, before the International address check was in place most likely.

Problem is that I have had my sights set on getting it for so long now it’s hard to fold the cards and cancel the order. My original order was only 1 month worth as I did not know at the time that ordering more months worth or ordering vegan might have bumped me further ahead in the queue.

Once I read the forums to clarify I would need a US address to have any hope of getting the order in the near future, I changed it to a US border receiver as I live so close to the border. I am worried that my order is not even in any queue as it was originally for a Canadian address.

So I emailed back regarding local pickup/shipping of a much larger order as I will be working in the Bay Area for a few weeks, a few weeks from now, but have not heard back yet.

Alternatively if it would help accelerate the order I would happily add more months to my order so it could get sent to the border address I now have listed.

One way or the other, really hoping to get a large amount to cover the gap between now and 2015 when I can get it shipped all the way to my Canadian address.

I am another one of the types who would be ready to use it way near or at 100% of my intake as I am trying to get a startup off the ground myself so it would really give me an edge.

I’d appreciate any guidance as to the optimal way to get my hands on some!

Thanks Julio - I know you all must be incredibly busy with an endless stream of email support requests.


They’re getting close to shipping 1-month orders now, it seems.


My order was placed on May 15, so your company has been allowing international orders without your knowledge for the past 23 days at the very least. This is extremely disconcerting as a customer. Absolutely no attempt was made by your customer service department to respond to the 3 e-mails I had sent so far.


I want to know where is Customer Support and why can’t I find out WHEN I will get my shipment?
I was on the initial startup fund request and paid money for product I don’t have yet. I have received general emails updating me on when the original orders would go out, and I have heard zip, nada–nothing about WHEN I am going to get what I paid for. HOW does the consumer speak with some type of Customer Service to find out about orders and shipping and tracking. VERY FRUSTRATING and starting to seem like it is all fake. Not good business practice Soylent. You need to have customer service available to everyone who paid money for your product. Peeved in LA.


There have been several posts on how to contact the team. How large was your order? Right now greater than 4weeks are going out. If you ordered 4weeks or more and have not received any shipping notice - email or @JulioMiles and Matt have been working to get responses to inquiries as soon as possible. Be sure to include the email you used when you placed your order.


Not sure now what I originally paid for; it has been so long…what is the customer service link?


Send an email to be sure to include your original email address.


There is also a “contact” link on the page.


Finally got a response to my e-mail for a refund I sent on May 26th. The neglected to respond to my question about why they are still taking international orders.

Jun 10 15:11
Hello *****,
We apologize for the frustrations with our shipping and the delays in our international orders. We are working on getting Soylent available in countries outside of the US, but unfortunately establishing international fulfillment can be a complex process and we don’t yet have a concrete timeline to share.
You can sign up for our international mailing list where we will send out updates on the availability of Soylent abroad: [ ]
I just refunded your order, please allow up to 5 business days for the funds to be released back into your account.
Thanks for your interest!

May 26 11:00
Dear Soylent people,
At this time I must request a refund.
When I first read about your product I was extremely excited. I’ve been
looking for a was to stream line my life, and Soylent seems like it could
help with that. However, after spending 2 hours on the discourse boards,
I’ve found that shipping to Canada will not take place until 2015. I had
assumed you had a Canadian distributor in place as I was not charged for

I don’t understand why you are taking international orders on your
website, promising a 10-12 week turnaround, and then having your customers
find out the truth in the forums.
Whoever is in charge of your e-commerce end is doing you a huge
disservice. Continually taking international orders a full 8 months before
shipping, without stating that on the order page is a PR nightmare in the
making. A simple pop-up warning would suffice, but suspension of
international orders for the time being would be much more appropriate.
All I can compare this to is ordering a TV from Amazon and them being told
to wait at least half a year for delivery. Wait… That’s not a
comparison, that’s exactly what is happening.
And now for my details to process my refund.
Invoice number***** Amount billed $255.

The email associated with my account is *****
Once you do work out your distribution end, I would love to be notified.
I do look forward to using your product while riding my hoverboard next